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Markets We Serve

RL Engineering represents manufacturers whose products are used by customers in a broad range of market sectors including Defense & Aerospace, Communications, Government Security & Surveillance and Instrumentation and Measurement.

Defense & Aerospace

Security Vehicular Electronics

Radar/Optical Sensors and Electronics

Electronic Warfare/Information Warfare Systems

Ruggedized/High Reliability Systems

Command/Control/Communication Systems

SATCOM Systems


Tactical ground-based communications

Terrestrial microwave 

Satellite communications



Government Security & Surveillance

Surveillance and signal analysis

Airborne Systems

Unmanned Ground

Systems (UGS)

Land Systems

Soldier Solutions

Maritime Systems

CBRNE Detectors

UAS/UGV systems

Instrumentation & Measurement

Sensors and displays

Avionics systems

Navigation systems

Global positioning systems

Weather radar

Aircraft stabilization systems

Lab and test set applications

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